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The US army's new digital camoflage pattern.
After seeing the effectiveness of Canada's CADPAT and the USMC MARPAT, the US army developed it's own digital pattern, which utilizes shades of grey. Although designed to be an all-purpose camoflage, it is obviously greared more towards arid and urban enviroments, as the colour scheme is near useless in a woodland setting.
Like CF CADPAT uniforms, ACUPAT uses velcro to attack name tapes and other patches.
Those new ACUPAT uniforms are pretty good in the desert, but if we have to fight in the woods, we're fucked.
by Jarvan December 12, 2004
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Camouflage designed, tested and approved by people who spend too much time using computers. "Pixilated" appearance is effective in hiding the wearer from observers in technically-astute societies; however, combatants from so-called "backwards" regions - whose vision perception is not corrupted by the overuse of televisions, PCs and video games - aren't so easily misled.
Abdul: Daaaaamn, Malik, what is up with that kafir's getup?

Malik: It's that new acupat shit the Zionist crusaders are rolling out. Looks like something out of your kid's PSP, no? Shoot him.
by Patrick from Astoria February 20, 2007
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