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Used to describe an individual that can't help themselves from turning every topic, complex or otherwise, into an acronym.
Bob: "Did you get the test procedure specification reports?"
Jim: "Hey! Let's call them TPS reports for short!"
Bob: "You need help, you acronympho."
by alphadogg September 28, 2007
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Someone who uses acronyms in text messages, emails, AND in regular face to face conversation in excess. Generally annoying and makes you sound like a teenage girl or a fag. Also can be used by someone who turns random phrases into acronyms or shortened words because they think it makes them sound cool or smart, which it generally does not.
Kathy: "OMG like WTF, I was AFK and TTLY forgot to TOMX blah blah blah.."
Chris: "SHUT THE FUCK UP! God damned acronympho!"
by FoxCarnage November 27, 2009
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