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Achintaya is a really fun person to be with. He is the sweetest rude person you'll come across in your life. He cares for people way too much, who don't even deserve that care and concern. He is surrounded with fake people all around, but he'll soon find one person who'll always understand him, he might not consider that person his best friend, but to that person, he'll mean the world. He has a good sense of humor, and he's always trying to make people happy. He has a secretly crushing on someone bye hasn't told anyone about it. He's a very genuine person. He has a wide taste in music. He likes almost all genres of movies. He is a lot into sports. To him, his priorities include his family, his sport and his friends. But he is unaware of the fact that those friends will soon leave him, other than that one person, to whom he doesn't give much importance. He helps everyone and is really understanding. He is liked by everyone.
Everyone should meet an Achintaya in their life
by Idontknowme May 22, 2017
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