A person or group of people in a group or "clique" that yields to all things demanded of them by the leader of the group (a.k.a the slave driver), and are aware that they do so. These are the people that will do whatever is asked of them while at the same time knowing and accepting that they are the slave driver's bitch or bitches.
1. John hated the band whose concert they were going to tonight. But Adam wanted to go, and since Adam was the slave driver, John had agreed. John sighed knowing that his life was not his own, but he was ok with it. He was Adam's accepting bitch.
by GoingtoCollege July 21, 2006
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I swear ima box the next person who denies my urban dictionary definitions. I’m sitting here trynna make nice things and yah fucking me up. RIP KOBE
by Swagvontaayy February 29, 2020
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