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A person belonging to the Academy of International Studies at Glenbrook South and North High Schools who has limited or no social skills, genius-level intellect, and the ability to be completely innocent of all wrong doing no matter what the evidence.
“It’s the middle of eighth period, can I see your pass?” “Mr. Paraprofessional, I’m an Academite, the attendance rules don’t apply to me.”
by Big Man69 May 21, 2009
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Friendly, smart and respectful students belonging to the high schools of Glenbrook North or Glenbrook South. Academites are in a program called "The Glenbrook Academy of International Studies." These students happen to be quite awesome, and are not social rejects contrast to public opinion. SOME rules do apply to these students, although not very many. Bottom line: Academites are the coolest people you will ever meet, and probably work for.
Teacher: No, sorry, that answer is wrong.
Student: It can't be, trust me.
Teacher: I know I'm right!
Student: But you're not, I'm right. I always will be right. Why? I am an "Academite."
by Academite <3 July 13, 2011
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