When someone abandons their of Duty of Care for people and takes off on holiday. Specifically December 16th 2019. A national day of showing utter disappointment and dissatisfaction in Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scomo) who absconded to a holiday in Hawaii with his family whilst most of Australia was engulfed in rampaging bushfires which destroyed homes, businesses, towns and states. Many lives were lost and Australian firefighters did not even have enough equipment to fight these fires. The then Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scomo) chose to stay in Hawaii even after he was criticised for leaving his people to holiday on the other side of the globe, his response? “I don’t hold a hose mate”… Australians were quite underwhelmed with that response and now wear Hawaiian Shirts on “Abscondment Day” to mourn the day Australian Government lost its compassion and care for its people, represented by the at the actions of one Scott Morrison (Scomo) soon to be ex-prime minister of Australia 🇦🇺
Remember that time the Prime Minister of Australia left Australia burning in the midst of a bushfire crisis to go for a holiday ? Yeah well that’s Abscondment Day!
by Facetious is me December 16, 2021
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When someone in a relationship resorts to a ridiculous story to end the relationship because the other party just doesn't seem to get the message.
Jeff was blowing off Sally forever but she wouldn't stop calling him. He finally had to abscond to Constantinople. He told her he got a job at a research station in Antarctica; pretty good work for a guy who didn't graduate high school.
by Mosh Tortoni February 8, 2016
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V. To act as Tom Borque would in any given situation

V. To use a long confusing word in the wrong context
He walked in and began utterly absconding in front of everyone.

When Tom pulled out pulchritudinous I knew he was absconding.
by RolTob November 21, 2019
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