A word used to describe a set of twins who are sexually attracted to each other.
The Oslon twins are Abreu!
by Schmazlte April 24, 2008
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a prominent sex-god.

extremely attractive man

one who is irresistible to women.
" Oh my god that boy is such an elvin abreu
by omg1101112 June 08, 2009
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Mary is a Beautiful girl , from the hood. knos alot and is mature and steady . is a bad "jawn" and never gets caught . many boys love mary , they are waiting to ask her out . freelly and without hesitation , mary abreu has lots of friends who love her for her and likes to find the perfect boy . a real right one . she is loved by many and is un-stopable !
did you see mary abreu ? she is beautiful and bad .

Mary abreu the one from my hood , ive been tryng to go out since 3rd grade ?? shes beautiful....

Micheal stop tryng to go out with her i wanted her first.
by Jacksonloved November 26, 2011
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When men fail to hit on an attractive woman because they realize she is out of their league, thus leading her to have to settle for someone who she would normally be too good for.
Joanna really went into the back room with the guy in the Against Me t-shirt? Guess she got the full Abreu.

Bobby Abreu may have had some age related decline, but it's very surprising that no team was willing to pay him more than five million dollars on a one year contract.
by Acrobate January 28, 2010
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A beautiful women that has the most beautiful eyes and smile. A women you just want to hold and have in your arms forever. She is a girl that you can listen to forever. You will love her for who she is, she will always be on your mind. I love Alyssa Abreu.
Alyssa Abreu
by yodamahn September 11, 2012
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Diogo Abreu is a total diva, he is the most likely to immediately climb something up and dance on top of it, his heart is full of FUEGO. If you have a Diogo Abreu in your life, don’t ever let him go because he will very easily make you laugh and he is the only one who will make you understand that a menina nao an-da, a menina desfila! Plus, he is Dua Lipa’s long lost twin.
Rachel: You slay girl !! You ate totally Diogo abreu today.
Bridget: Are saying that I’m a gymnast?
by BriannaM316 September 29, 2018
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