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Pronounced - Abor-fridge-inney

Collective name for the indigenous people of the Arctic regions such as Inuit & Eskimo. A new collective noun is needed to describe these people because referring to them all as either Inuit or Eskimos is bound to upset somebody these days. 'Aboriginal People of the Arctic' is too long winded so from now on it's 'Aborfridgine' and 'Aborfridginal'
Tom - "'ere what do you call that bunch of nose-rubbers that live in th'Arctic?"

Dick - "I do believe these days the preferred term is 'Inuit'."

Harry - "Jeeze mate you can't refer to them all as the Inuit or you'll upset the Kalaallit of Greenland!"

Dick - "Well..., Eskimo then?"

Harry - "No way Jose! If you call them all Eskimo you'll upset the Siberian Yupik."

Tom & Dick - "Well what is it then?"

Harry - "These days the collective noun is Aborfridgine."

by Monty Veda February 17, 2009
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