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Fat cunt, that even the australian army doesnt want, fail at life,
going nowhere. depressed, low self esteem, likes to sit around play grounds, froths on heff and matt o'donnell, insecure, very emotional, embraces male comfort, the reason why there are lesbians (thanks man) depressed, copies salties style, wants to be a dj, DRIVES A DAEWOO, he has a hot dad, wears a cross necklass, fired from wow, sexually harassed at myer, sexually harassed by matt o'donnell, depressed, use to own a skyline (wanker) fired from the real mans army so in reserves, did not achieve dogg tagg status like hayley (god be with her) oh and lastly depressed
emo) i feel like an abbet today
non emo) no man you are not a piece of shit
by god just sayin it straight October 16, 2010
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