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A very oddly type version of Abigail, but most girls with their names type this way are really shy, cry a lot and sometimes have anxiety. But once She gets to know you and gets comfortable around you she’s really outgoing and fun to be around. She speaks her mind most of the time and is always nice unless she gets extremely angery. She might get frustrated from time to time but she always seems to be fine in a few minutes. Abbegayle’s are beautiful with great smiles and awesome eyes, if you meet an Abbegayle and she warms up to you don’t let her go. Abbegayle’s usually choose one person out of a group and become best friends with them. They’re great friends and awesome gamers, like physical activities but tend to stay indoors, they’re usually small in frame and weak by nature. They’re very sweet and all around great person.
by Jauzy February 28, 2018
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