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a very nice way to tell someone to be quiet because you're sick of them talking. Usually slurred out when saying. It's quite nicer than saying "Shut the fuck up bitch."
Very useful
Cindy: So omg i was at the mall yesterday and i bought these new shoes omg they were so adorable and i was like these are pink and i like love pi-
Grace: aaand you're done.

Marcus: Dude I'm on the Varsity team for football and I'm the coolest person ever
Grace: aaaannnddd you're done
by Gracie S. April 23, 2006
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A usually nicer and politer way of telling someone to shut up or shut the fuck up
Tiffany: LyKE omG I gotZ this neW Jessica McClintock dreSSz and I'mm surrE Jason will LOve it1!!!!11

Ashlyn: OmG no waysz!!11 I'm so00 jealous you dumb bitch!11 I want a Jessica McClintock dress

Tiffany: I knOw rite?

Me: aaand you're done
by DizzyLizzy January 16, 2007
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