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Any basic phone that you can only use to make calls and send texts: a phone that isn't a smartphone.
A: "My phone died yesterday, so I'm getting a new one."
B: "Sweet, are you getting the new iPhone?"
A: "Naw man, just aPhone."
by luciferijaner October 03, 2012
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An A-Phone is anyone who will pull out there smart phone to prove or disprove the facts of any conversation or argument. A-Phone is a politically correct way to say ass hole.
Steve and I argued about who had more passing yards this season, Brady or Manning until Bob pulled out his Blackberry and said it was Brady, what an A-Phone
by Mikeisaok January 18, 2011
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Used like alone time but means alone time with your phone.
"Hey man, can you put your phone down for a minute and talk to me?"
"Nah, I need some aphone time right now."
by catscradlexx May 07, 2018
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