What the male Indian race refers to a female of the Indian race as being, (Indian slang for lovley lady)
hello bootyful, show bobs and vageen, u can have my curry, your a nice cream!
by Black daddy’s got hoes April 29, 2020
A fruit-based soft serve ice cream that is dairy free and gluten free; primarily made of frozen bananas. Nice cream can be made with any fruit and nuts but banana usually tends to be the base ingredient. Because it does not have artificial flavors or added sugars, it is considered to be a healthy snack/ treat.
Jane's favorite nice cream is pineapple and coconut. While Jake prefers blueberry and almond.
by FruitBerry February 11, 2019
A blue rabbit behind a nicecream stand in undertale
Frisk: i would like 2 nicreams!
Nice Cream Guy: Two nice creams coming up!
*hands frisk 2 nice creams*
Nice Cream Guy: Have a nice day!
by Linka Smasher May 31, 2021
An interesting threescore sexually btwn MMF, FFM, MMF+, etc. at the same time. I.E: she's giving him head as she's being pleased by s/he either oral or penetrating. Think A-frame, only lying down. And switching positions is some hot-ass fun for dessert in the best-ever orgasms....A nice cream sanmich!
Sam: I had me some good A-frame with my boo and her girlfriend from the club last night as a late night snack.
Ty: Yeah, well, my dessert was better'n a hot nice cream sandwich.
by Ghsstie_2 May 15, 2021