Giving a girl roofies so that you can have sex with her
Bobby wanted to take moira out for a "piece of cake" so he could get busy.
by Original Slappy White April 20, 2009
Any amount of money available or desired!
Look at that rich bastard driving his fat BMW!
I want a piece of cake, too!

I need to get rich under all circumstances!
I gonna cut me a piece of cake!

That robbery was successful. Man, give me my piece of cake!
by Birthday January 14, 2006
This is the signature move of John Mak. Everytime he gives us tons of homework, he says piece of cake to make us feel worse. People who don't know what this means might get confused, for they might think John Mak is giving out cakes.
Student A: Today no homework?
John Mak: Today's homework is Chapter 1 Q10-30.

Student B, C, D, E, F, G, H: WHAT?!?
John Mak: Piece of cake.

Piece of cake(Mak)
by JohnMakFan November 12, 2020
To grossly underestimate the amount of time required to complete a task
Writing that code was a peice of cake, it took me three weeks to finish.
by beavis March 24, 2004
When obtaining a cake is very easy
“Was the bakery busy?”
“No, it was a piece of cake squared.”
by cake guy October 22, 2010
An insulting way to call someone dumb.
Harris at Adam: "What are you blind, you piece of cake?

Mark at Adam: "You're a blind piece of cake."
by Blind Piece of Cake May 8, 2011
To say I love you to someone and they say it back without both of you wanting true commitment, or niether of you are ready to say "I love you" yet.
(Girlfriend and boyfriend are finishing up talking on the phone)
Anna: Babe, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Dave: Ok.
Anna: Piece of cake, piece of pie.
Dave: Piece of cake, piece of pie.
(both hang up the phone)
by Sha-Ni October 11, 2007