A player of a FPS game who consistently/frequently uses things like shotguns or claymores and claims other players (even world ranked ones) are actually the newbs.
Player 1: man, who is this Dr.TaintBrush using the shotty's all the time and hoping that we run in to his claymores?

Player 2: I don't know but he sounds like a newb.
by l STORK l July 21, 2015
what 2017-2018 joiners on Roblox call you when you snipe them while they are moving resulting in toxic nine-year-old salt plagues which will infect other nine-year-olds until the whole server reports you for hacking.
9yr : wh4t +h3 h3k m4N, u r ay newb
me: Dude, I joined in 2013<------######################
9yr: y u +yp3 TAGS, 1 c4n+ un|)3r$+4nd u
me: I cant understand you either.
by im not a newb May 31, 2018
A nicer way of saying N00B FAGGOT.
Ha! You're such a newb.
by I am potate June 3, 2014
Also know as noob or nub nub. If someone is really bad/beginner. Lol
He was standing still and the newb couldn't even kill him! What a newb!
by MAT5 June 25, 2013
A newb is the more propper way of saying the online Insult noob to a new player on an online game or a new friend on AIM, Myspace, FaceBook, MSN messanger, any program online if you are new to it ppl have the right to call you a Newbie or Newb so don't fight it you'll grow out of it sooner or later when a newer kid moves into town/goes to your school/joins the team
"WOW! that dude is such a Newb he SUCKS! at everything"
another friend hears that being said so he then says
"Oh I know dude"
the Newb then hears the insult and he dorkishley comes up and says
"Hey new friends"
the regular town's kids yell back at him
"Get AWAY! from us ya NEWB!"
by Jer-Hey!!! July 26, 2009
A weapon used to abuse/beat on newbs. A method of verbally slapping/disciplining rookies as you would a puppy with a newspaper.
Get lost rookie or Tollbooth Willie is going to beat you with his newb stick!
by lavvgiver April 12, 2010
James was feeling overwhelmed .the orders were coming in too quick! He was just a newbe grill guy!!
by Susiequetoyou June 5, 2018