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A mother should be a leader, some you can talk to about anything, a strong women . they should not pick a man of their children .they should not let they kid see them do drugs the should not do drugs a mother should teach them the right things to do and not show the bad .a mother should be happy or at least ok with their kid dating the same sex and a mom should show that the good in the world but to be careful at the same time.they should prepare their children for the world and at teen years allow them to have a life with their friend and make sure the love each child with the same amount of love!
the daughter(or son): hey mom can i talk to you?
the mother: sure honey, whats the matter?
the daughter( or son): well i'm gay( starts to cry)

mother : oh honey its ok i love you no matter what happens!
the daughter (or son): really?
the mother: well of course, i kinda figured you were gay

that's what a mother is
by just_a_girl_from_ohio July 27, 2018
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