This mofo
Person 1: dude school has me fuckin tripping these days, idk how I’m gunna finish all this work
Person 2: At least you ain’t Tien
Person 1: facts actually, im guess im not down horrendously
by Yelex January 20, 2021
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Man 1- Man please i’m begging you, i’ll do anything just to get some money

Man 2- Bro your “Down Horrendous”
This man is Down Horrendous
by Khaotic Dictionary February 19, 2021
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when your ex texts you.. this is the only response.
*read 12:45 AM*
them: i miss you

*delivered 2:06 AM*
you: down horrendous 🤝
by 🤝 February 17, 2021
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something so awful you can barely stand it. not only outrageously terrible, but also frightening. a combination of horrendous and horrific
The wounds he sustained while fighting that racoon for the last hamburger were horrendic!
by somethingdoll May 29, 2020
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All of the games in the Paper Mario series released from 2012 to the present
Why are my attacks consumable!? Why is there no original characters or focus on story!? Why does everything have to revolve around stupid paper gimmicks!? The series isn't even an RPG anymore, this is horrendous!
by ShadowLink3D March 02, 2021
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The best thing you can say to someone, if you say Horrendous Ratt to your any one you love, they will instantly fall in love with you. So go on out there and call you crush from highschool a Horrendous Ratt... you Horrendous Ratt ;)
Bob: Hey Julian!
Julian:Yes Bob?
Bob:I think your a Horrendous Ratt!
Julian: *gasp* really
Julian:oh my god Bob I would’ve never expected this...I-I-I LOVE YOU TOO BOB!
by MrPicklesWorth August 22, 2019
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