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A girl who constantly tries to be the center of attention .whenever anybody says something not related to her she gets extremely pissed off and acts passive aggressive the remaining time. Once all her emotions are settled though she acts as she did nothing .

Says she likes to go to church and is a “true” disciple!! like her ass could ever be one

Braden -hey what’s goin on ,i think we’re gonna head out for lunch do you want anything ?
Abbey- no why would I want anything from there you fucktard, take a hint and keep walking loser ,god wouldn’t have wanted you to have a voice let alone talk to me
A hoe named abbey: a girl who goes to church and says she abides by the life that god wanted her to follow but does the exact opposite of what expected of her statements

My friend was talking about this hoe named abbey ,apparently she goes to church but talks shit and vapes in the bathrooms
by that angry girl September 02, 2019
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