a hott, very sexy and good looking girl. On a scale of 1-10 she would be a 10.
Did you see that girl? She was a dime.
by yadira September 11, 2005
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A 10 year prison sentence

See also nickel
Jerry is up at FSP serving a dime.
by Evan December 2, 2003
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To turn up a tube guitar amplifier's volume control to maximum. Doing so usually results in a distorted output that is aurally pleasing and rich in musical harmonics, compression and note sustain. Electric guitar tone enthusiasts often prefer this tone to other methods of generating a distorted output from the amplifier. However, the resulting high sound levels are often excessive and unusable in smaller rooms or environments where excessive volumes are not permissible.
Eric: Hey, Rich, last night at the gig I dimed my Marshall and got a sick tone, but it was so loud the club owner almost threw me out!

Rich: Sorry to hear that, Eric. That's why I play a teeny-tiny amp so I can dime it and not get hassled by my band, audience or venue manager!
by Tone Guy February 10, 2007
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An adjective, verb, and noun all in one. In the verb form, dime can mean many such as "to chill" "to be relaxed" or "to be doing anything in general." Doing any of the previous would be referred to as "diming out." As an adjective, you can also be "dimed out" after a long night of excitement or when you decide to take a break during the day. Someone may ask how you feel, and you can simply reply, "I'm just a little dimed out." Dime as a noun is simple, referring obviously to the unit of currency. To initiate a dime out session, you must ask the time. If in concurrence that it is dime time, the person you asked may respond "It's dime o'clock." Also, to conclude a dime out session, you must say, "It is now quarter past a dime." This clever expression would show that you have dimed out for a little too long and it is now time to return to your previous task. Dime is not to get confused with the expression "to dime on someone." This definition is not the same as the old drop the dime and call the cops expression.
Q: What are you doing after work today?
A: Well I need to buy groceries, mow the lawn, and if i have time I guess I will just dime out afterwards.

Okay, lets work for 15 minutes then we will dime out.

Q: That sure was a wild party last night, where did all your friends go?
A: They're still here, they're in the other room all dimed out.

The dimed out dime was diming out.
by Wakesk8rmax September 21, 2010
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Person 1: "Aye wassup you seen Mark around? I haven't seen him since i been back."

Person 2: "You know Mark doin a dime right now for that drug bust that went down a few months back."

Person 1: "What! He was in that shit man!?! Damn why the fuck nobody told me that shit!"

Person 2: "Man you been gone for a minute. Alotta shit went down since you been gone"
by KNOLEDGE November 11, 2013
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a girl rated on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest. A sexy girl with a cute face(nice eyes and smile), small waist, nice curvy hips, nice round ass, with a nice chest.
YO! look at shawty over dere
DAMN! she mos deff a dime
by dime herself December 10, 2008
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