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A buddy kid is a sad excuse for a human being. They are funny at first but after awhile all they do is freakin steal your jokes and make annoying puns. They think they are a mix of emo, gamer, hacker, and programmer. But they really dont cut themselves, arent good at videogames, they dont know the slightest thing about hacking, and know about 5 commands in a programming language.
"a buddy kid just stole my joke!"

by Mr. Goodcat January 24, 2008
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A Buddy kid is what you call someone who belongs to the subculture of Buddy. Similar to how people of the Emotional subculture are called Emo, people of the Buddy subculture often refer to them selves as being Bud. The characteristics of a typical buddy kid include being funny most oftenly in a deeper more intellectual way (if you are a buddy kid you find puns to be quite enjoyable), being handsome yet still looking like a complete loser and being interested in good, meaningful music. The fashions of Bud are snug pants (not to be confused with emo "tight pants"), dc skating shoes, and canadian pride t-shirts. Also the hair style of Bud kids include all types but those with curly "jew fro" hair are seen as the only true buddy kids and are looked up to as leaders of their local Bud scene. Buddy kids do not talk/hang out exclusively to other Buddy kids in the hopes they can convert people belonging to other cultures to become Bud. Buds usually like traditional emo music but are by no means limited as long as the music is interesting and different. A kid who is very similar and hangs out with buddy kids yet is not a Bud is called a Mac kid. A mac kids is funny and Bud like but is also into sports and semi belongs to the group of "popular" yet not really liked kids. Buddy is a fast growing movement and will be by no dout a manstream fenaminon in a matter of months and with such things come poser Bud kids. A poser bud kid is only interested in campitaising on the buddy mind set and have no interest in actually becomeing "bud". It is recomended that you do not give these kids any sort of respect and never consider them Buds like you. The steps to becomeing bud are this
1. Become as unique as you can without breaking any of the rules or guide lines of being bud
2. Get at least 3 other kids to become Bud with you
3. Stay bud no matter what other say or think (don't worry they'll want to become Bud too later on
4. Stay true to the bud
Omg that Jew fro is sooooo Bud. Wow im such a loser wish I was a Buddy Kid.
by That Buddy Kid September 28, 2007
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