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This is the real definition of Zykia. Zykia is pretty and creative. Zykia does have an attitude but knows when to use it. You do something that pisses her off ,she will ignore you for like a month. Zykia is very rare,risky,reckless. She doesn't care until she gets what she was looking for. This girl is continuously goofy and never can be serious unless its something that is important to her. Zykia is generous and thinks of those make her happy in life. She is very attractive..even when she isn't doing anything. Zykia doesn't have to try to impress,because she just doesn't. If the day isn't her best she will look the ugliest lol and be messy as hell. If it is her best, don't underestimate her because she gotchu. Zykia can be boring but hey that's just her and people still love her for who she is. She isn't perfect and she do not switch up for nobody.
No examples just find yourself a Zykia or kia
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by Lilcuttbaby June 03, 2018
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Zykia is a beautiful girl with a bad attitude.Shes nice to the people around her just dont piss her off. a bad thing about zykia is that she has alot of feelings and emotion balded up inside of her.She doesnt like sharing emotins cuz it makes her feel weird.shes the type of girl that will warm your heart up on a cold day, but will beat ur ass the next.shes really smart even tho sometimes shell act very stupid just to make u laugh.She has a spot for boys and also a fixxer upper.U dont want her as an enemy.But will love her as a friend.
BOY 1: Whats that girls name over there shes pretty
BOY 2: Oh that's Zykia she takes spanish wit me

BOY 1:oh
by Ya girl zy August 17, 2017
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