Verb. zuk-old (see also, Zuckholding, Zuckholded, getting Zuck’ed)
When algorithms created by Mark Zuckerberg block your Facebook account from regular every day functions e.g. liking, commenting, messaging, and posting. You can still see everything going on on your page, but are left helpless to take any action. Much like the more widely-known term cuckhold this practice is intended for the sexual pleasure of one of it’s participants, but in cases of Zuckholding all sexual pleasure is recieved by Mark Zuckerberg.
Adam- “Hey did you see that dank meme I tagged you in on Facebook? I noticed you never liked it.”
Ethan- “I saw it but I haven’t been able to do anything all week, man! I’m being Zuckholded.”
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by StretchYourEars February 16, 2018
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