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unlike the regular shlong, this is a supreme improvement. its vast in size and huge in diameter. its the biggest cock ever. its red and hot as hell. it has a tatoo on it that says ZM but once it gets hard it spells ZAM!
Zam has 2 kinds of Zshlongs. the other one has a tatoo that says AIDS but once it fully extends it spells out ADIDAS, just like teh sports brand. this type of Zshlong isnt and powerful as the Zam one. they both xtend to a whopping 33inch length and a 2meter diamter. ( its huge)
zam won various competitions with it. forkosh will never be able to see it because he is being all mannareaish
and the #1 is ZAM !! WITH htis Zshlong!
now why are u fit for this role?.. .comon i am zam i have my zshlong!
by i am zam May 19, 2003
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