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It's pronounce like Zoe, but has a totally different personality. There's no specific definition for this unique person. They're usually an awesome, smart, caring person. This amazing person can be shy and quiet, but once you get to know them they are crazy and outgoing. She loves all types of music. If you ever encounter someone named Zowey don't take them for granted and respect them. They might seem fun and crazy on the outside, but they can be troubled on the inside. They are secretive but can be trusted. They're the most trustworthy person you can encounter and will love you for who you are even if you don't want her too. She's quiet but is loved by everyone. She respects everyone and is a major nerd/geek. She cares about people more than she cares about herself. She's not very picking and loves everything and everyone. Once encountering this caring, respectful gal not only will you not forget her, she won't forget you.
Friend1: Who was the person that made you smile?
Friend2: Her name was Zowey! She made me forget about my bad day. A quiet one she is, but very caring.
by NerdyTomboyGeek May 14, 2015
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