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This curvaceous woman will stop for no one. She will beat anyone down senselessly with the law, she is too proper and awe-inspiring to stoop to a lower level. She smokes way too many cigarettes but she looks insanely cool when she does. The reason she is so damn amazing is because when she was conceived it was on Mount Mordor and there were unicorns keeping watch because it was just too intense for words. After her conception a choir of angels came down and told her parents that their purpose in life was to raise and nurture the most bad ass person in the world.
Zorione can be found walking around a university campus with an incredibly bad ass cigarette hanging out of her delectable mouth and listening to some fucking amazing background music blasting out of her headphones. So many guys try to stop her to try to marry her because they know she's one in the universe. Zorione never stops listening to her bad ass music and blowing smoke in their faces.

Zorione is a rare and majestic creature that doesn't put up with any bullshit and is not afraid to leave the pack and be on her own.

All in all, a Zorione is a bad ass motherfucker.
*Zorione walking around campus*
Boy 1-Zorione, please! Marry me! I must have you.
Boy 2-No no! Marry me! I'm better!
Boy 3-Marry me! I'm a bad ass and will let you blow smoke in my face!
Zorione-One does not simply ask if you can marry me.
by BigBootyBitches4Evr November 16, 2011
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A name from the northern part of Spain. The Basque Country to be exact. Translation to English is actually "Sanitary Napkin." Is easily amused and extremely good looking. Smart but lacks common sense.
-Did you hear about Zorione?

-Yeah, she just lacks common sense.

-But she's a hella fine.
by Lily Eater February 25, 2010
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