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The newest internet bbs sensation populated by pedophiles, racists, misogynists, violent criminals, stoners, junkies, ex-junkies, sadists, and other deviants who are seeking refuge since the closure of Totse (RIP). Now wishing to present their skewed perspectives as acceptable human behaviors. Except for Bat Country they're mostly from the chans.
You: Hey Zoklet is like totse with more freedom!

Poast-Bortem!: I've got 19 infractions and am leaving forever.


Poast-Bortem!: Oh-Noes!
by SWIY April 13, 2009
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An online BBS that features mostly civil discourse with a hint of communist overtones.
Man: Yeah man, is the best place for information.

Girl: What about this guy named Snoopy? He sure starts alot of trouble.

Man: Don't worry about that commie, apart from him they're mostly a good group.
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