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In 2000 B.C., the year that every significant, life-changing event happened on Earth, there was a person named Zoinab Naqvegan. Now, Zoinab Naqvegan was very dumb, so much so that some people had speculating that her head was hollow instead of being filled by a brain. But Zoinab didn't let any of these rumours bother her. One day, a hideous, arrogant asshole named Abno P. moved into the town in which Zoinab lived. He was very intelligent (or so she thought) and sported an over-inflated ego (Zoinab pointedly ignored this) and she gradually fell in love with him. But Abno was already in love with someone else, someone whom Zoinab did not know. Abno told Zoinab when she confessed her undying love to him that the only way to win his heart over was to learn all the languages on the planet. And so, Zoinab set out on a heroic quest to travel the world and learn all the languages spoken in every single country.

In case you were wondering what happened to Zoinab and her reckless decision to set out on a langauge-learning quest, she failed in trying to win over Abno's heart because Abno had already gotten married to his true love before Zoinab could ever manage to learn that many languages. However, a dear friend of Zoinab's put both her and Abno on the set of a reality tv show in which Abno was the love attraction in Zoinab's life and the two had to pretend to love each other forever.(Huan was also featured on that same reality tv show)
Sana: Don't be like a Zoinab!
Thind: You're such a Naqvegan

Sana: Oh yeah, you're such a Simran!
by ducks are a-Mah-zing! February 01, 2018
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