Zoe is the girl you have been dreaming of. She has big blue eyes and a cute smile. Every boy wants to date her and would do anything for her simply because of she is so nice, hot, and sexy. Did I tell you she is super smart, while still being gorgeous, pretty, and sweet? She is also very athletic, fit,and healthy. And the list goes on! She is very inisint but very sexy and can have a long lasting relationship. She can always make you laugh no matter what situation. She has tons of friends and every body looks up to her! She also has great parents that would do any thing for her. She is just such an amazing girl and no words can describe her. If you meet a Zoe you are very special! Make sure to ask her on a date because you'll have a great time with her.
Zoe is so awesome, I wish I could marry her.

Zoe has so many great features!
by awesomest girl January 05, 2014
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super intellegent and pretty.People are so incredibly in awe of her awesomeness. Guys love her and girls want to be her
Guy: Oh wow she's hot.
Other Guy: Ya she must be a Zoe.
by rita seeker November 14, 2014
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(Verb) Throwing out backhanded peace signs whenever possible.
Yo, every time I get a snap from that girl she's Zoeing.
by cjh1 November 08, 2014
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Zoe is that sorta unpopular girl with dazzling green eyes and wavy-ish brown, thick hair. All she wants is to be noticed by some other people than her friends. She really is a beautiful girl if you just let her show it. She absolutely loves it when girls she doesn't know too well talk to her. So give Zoe a chance and give her a simple compliment, or even better, have a fun, great convo with her- it will absolutely make her day better. Zoe's are short but have curves and all the right places. A true Zoe really knows how to cheer you up and make you laugh.
Random Girl: Hey Zoe! What's up?
(This is followed by a fun conversation)
Gosh, that Zoe knows how to make you laugh!
by Alison (the best name) September 30, 2011
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A Zoe would be a girl who is very pretty, usually brown eyes and brown hair. She might be annoying at times: usually she speaks, not listens, or interrupts without meaning to, and she is quite popular, not hugely though, and she doesn't keep promises very well, but somehow, you still want to be her friend. She is a little braggish about her talent(s).
I'm still annoyed at Zoe for not keeping a promise, but I'm not going to look mad, because I want to be her friend.
by ureallydontknowme February 02, 2012
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Zoe is the most beautiful, sweet, cute, gorgeous, funny, smart person you will ever meet. Her eyes shine like a thousand suns, like a myriad of lakes glistening in an emerald twilight, her smile looks like it has been bathed in a photo luminous bath of amazingness. She is also really sexy and has a nice booty.
by ofcourseican February 25, 2015
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Truly one in a million, a Zoe is exceptionally beautiful, with soft blond hair and blue eyes that will melt your heart. She is unbelievably talented, with artistic skills that never cease to amaze anyone lucky enough to see her work, and video gaming abilities that would put most any guy to shame. Her caring smile and warm heart are enough to cheer up even the most depressed individual, and her sense of humor will put a smile on anyone's face. Never afraid to speak her mind, a Zoe is honest, especially with the people she cares about. In a relationship, a Zoe is unbelievably loving and understanding. If you are lucky enough to date a Zoe, treat her right, because letting her go would be something you'd regret for the rest of your life.
I'm so glad Zoe is my best friend.
by Capnkirk September 13, 2014
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