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One of the many legendary geometric figures which can only be seen when looking closely upon the fourth line of the fourth side of the fourth adjacent cube, and of course also having lived a life of at least 70 years in celibacy.

The Zixtagon is a sphere with 42 negative-edges, (which means they are not even there to begin with), that is a perfect model of the Universe.
The reson for no scientists to have presented the shape of the universe is because the part of the population which opinion do matter is unable to see the Zixtagon and therefore it is instead mentioned as one of the legendary geometric figures.
- Haha! Old grumpy Swanson said that the Zixtagon does in fact exist!

- Yeah right! What does he know, he's just an alone and crazy senior...
by Gongfumonkey November 30, 2011
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