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1 - (n) A woman who is so hot she causes men to develop an erection so hard it tears right through the front of their pants often blowing out the zipper in the process.

2 - (n) An erection that tears through the front of your pants.
1- Did you see the hot girl in the Fiat Superbowl commercial?!? She is a total zipper ripper.

2 - When Stacy took her clothes off last night I was so turned on I developed a zipper ripper.
by Funmunke February 15, 2012
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When you break wind and the sound that is made is very reminiscent of pulling on a zipper. As you control your flatulence, you can speed up or slow down the quickness of the zipper sound to make it sound like you are pulling the zipper faster or slower which causes those around you to giggle more.
1. It sounded as if someone had unzipped something until the smell hit me and I knew it was a "zipper ripper".
2. Before I unpacked my luggage, I had to pass gas and as I let it rip, I forced it out quicker giving it a quick unzipping sound, a "zipper ripper", and then unzipped my suitcase and laughed at how similar they both sounded.
by Max Nova September 13, 2009
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