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A term one might apply to anyone, regardless of religion, who justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians where they resided in 1948, and to this day, in order to establish an ever-growing state of Israel in violation of international law. The irony of linking Zionism and Nazism is rooted in the parallel between Hitler's project to expand Germany and colonize eastern Europe and the Soviet Union for the sole benefit of Germany. This parallel exists, as it does with colonial subjugation in all of history, but the term is used to shame Jews, in particular, who support the victimization of others, given their own victimization throughout history and especially by the Nazis.
The Zionazi illegal settlers in the West Bank repeatedy use violence to intimidate Palestinians and seize their land. The Israeli goverment aids and abets Zionazism.
by Non-ZionistJew June 15, 2017
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Another word for zionist; a race supremacist, colonialist. One who believes in a political ideology that hijacks both judaism and Christianity.

It's a mixture of zionist and nazi a word used by those that consider zionists are doing to Palestinians what the Nazis did to jews.

'Many zionists don't believe in god but believe god gave them Israel' - Ilan Pappe

Zionism was founded by atheistic jews in 1897, an ideology originally supported by the antisemitic British government of the early 1900's who wanted to push European jews out of the UK and Europe and send them to the middle east. Of course many European jews were against being sent to the middle east and saw zionism as an antisemitic movement.

Unfortunately there is a growing number of Christian zionists who are antisemitic and want to take over Israel. They believe the messiah will wipe out 2/3'rds of the jewish population and the remainder will have to convert to Christianity if they want to go to heaven during the rapture; if they don't they will go to hell.
Zionazis are responsible for the occupation, war crimes and apartheid in Israel.
by ashkenazi anti zionist June 21, 2018
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Useful mix of the words 'zionist' and 'nazi' to compare the fascist mentality which has been passed down through the years by abuse of certain religions. The new religion in itself (zionism) being practised by mostly jews but also christians in the United States as of indoctrination from the old testament, as opposed to europe's great distancing between the two major religions. The current zionazi ideology has grown as a result of the nazi atrocities committed during the early part of the 20th century, and seems to have adopted many of its fascist ideas of ethnic cleansing, especially in Israel. In this holocaust memorial state and its surrounding areas (occupied Palestinian territories) you will find evidence of racism being practiced against the arabic speaking populations - even those who were born citizens of the state of Israel are regarded as 2nd class citizens. Segregation is the plan as is shown by the 'seperation barrier' (more of a segregation wall) designed to 'keep out suicide bombers' or more likely to keep muslims and jews seperated through apartheid of the former Palestinians by stealing their arab lands!
Zionist - "We are god's chosen people, Israel belongs to us from the river to the see according to our holy book!"

Nazi - "The aryans are the superior race, we must conquer europe and the rest of the world!"

Sound familiar zionazi? Of course not i'm "anti-semitic".
by Keith Carr June 02, 2006
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"Pejorative(Look it up)" term, used to express disapproval distain or disgust with Zionists, political-Zionism, & of course according to Zionists ALWAYS used in a racist context. Not all "Jews" are Zionists, and certainly not all Zionists are Jews.
"This has nothing to do with Semitism or "Jews"!!! Those Fucking Synagogue of Satan fake Jew Zionazis have gone too far.. All levels of banking government and media have been infested with their acolytes, our military serves the Zionist's "Yinon Plan", clearly. According to Albert Pike, and Jesus Christ, this won't end well, for any of them.."
by sparkatola March 22, 2017
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A person who believes he is part of a superior "chosen race" that is justified in oppressing the liberty of others and pursuing the growth of his own wealth and power at all costs, regardless of the damage to outsiders.

A Zionazi is defined by their will to create and support a single government or group that rules the world, such as the totalitarian New World Order. A Zionazi believes that non-Zionists require custodians to rule them because they are incapable of governing themselves, and in their opinion, a group that resists the power should be eradicated.

The Zionazis are working to centralize authority across national boundaries at the expense of personal freedom and economic liberty.
As Zionazis exercise their control across the world, one can only hope that people remember the power of true democracy.
by Old Yeller '78 July 02, 2018
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Used to describe uppity Zionists who refuse to relinquish the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their ancient homeland. Generally considered a racist and offensive term. Often used as a substitute for "kike"
"Those Zionazis do nothing but oppress us poor downtrodden brown people," claimed the president of Students for Just Us in Palestine.

Why are those Zionazis opposed our university resolution to eliminate Israel?

Did you see those Zionazis carrying Israeli flags? How racist! Why can't they just submit?
by Ava maria July 13, 2016
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