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1. Noun. The dynamic-mechanical property of elastic (elasticity), which, when depleted, causes your underwear to slide down.

2. Noun. More generally, a quality of mind containing vast quantities of expansive energy for imagination, curiosity and tolerance for ambiguity, persistence and problem solving.

3. Noun. (Rare) Used to describe a quality of rigorous but imaginative thought or writing, philosophical speculation, or artistic execution that appears effortless and often transcendent. (q.v. The connotations of sprezzatura as "effortless grace.")
1. Once Florence found herself repeatedly tugging at the uncomfortable, downward, slithering ripple of pantyhose that once pleasantly reassured her waist and hips with its gravity-defying snugness, she knew the garment had lost its zimpf.

2.While Arnold was diligent and persevered for years in his quest to prove that endless amounts of carbon-free energy could be released and captured by placing a 32 degree Bud-Lite covered with L.A Looks Activity Proof Power Gel in a microwave on full power for 10-15 minutes at the bottom of an abandoned Minuteman silo packed with depleted Duracell AA batteries, he made little progress, lacking the genuine zimpf of the giants on whose shoulders he thought he was standing.

3. As Consuelo's stories passed the vermilion borderof her native tongue and on to our imaginations' feverish frontiers of erotic eeriness, their zimpf seemed to grow wings feathered with the energy of flesh in flames.
by Kittlybender August 31, 2017
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