A girl that is funny, entertaining and outgoing. She loves a lot of friends and sometimes can be mean. She like to be in control of the ones littler than her. She will always make u laugh and have a great time and be hype.
Zharia:what's happening what's good what it is wassup

by Nikkyppg May 24, 2017
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Zharia is a amazing, loud, great, crazy, loving, innocent girl. she's fun to be around and a amazing cheerleader.
Zharias are usually black.
Damn, look at Zharia go! Shes amazing!
by Cheergurlforever August 03, 2011
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Zharia is the most sexist girl alive, she is loud, kind, helpful and beautiful. She is out going and all boys put eyes on her. Zharia is so talented and also the sexist girl alive.
zharia is jus so pretty and out going, she will take your man
by Camila tumara November 03, 2018
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