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Is chill and all but can whoop whoever thinks they can fuck with her. Doesn't try when it comes to her clothes and make up but when she does, she can blow people away with her hair and glow. She doesn't give a damn, not today not ever. Never stressed, always sleeping or eating, and very loud. She is the girl you want to love you because she is always going to be there for you and keeps secrets better than her own. But be careful, she can often times be manipulative without even realizing it herself. To say the least, shes independent and does her own thing.
Zeynab is so loud

Agreed fam
by insanepizza January 23, 2018
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Zeynab is my favorite girl. She has a good sense of humor, and is always calm and relaxed and very organized and can karate chop peeps.
Zeynab is so cool, I wish I was her.

Gay gay gay.
by Sterlhasasmallhead November 14, 2004
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