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Zevita is a girl's name. It is derived from the original czech word for wolf - "zev", combined with a feminine diminutive suffix from spanish - "ita". It literally translates to small female wolf. The name is extremely uncommon; it was created in 1987.

The few lucky females given this name are sexy, smart and fierce, invariably blessed with a rocking sense of style coupled with a disarmingly sweet demeanor and great sense of humour. These girls are charmers, for sure, but DO NOT get on a Zevita's bad side!
Don't mess with Rachel Zevita dude; you'll wake up in a ditch with ringing ears and no pants and wonder how you got there from the concert.

Zevita is one tough bitch, but you'd never know it because you'd be distracted by their hot-hot-sexiness and amazing joke-telling skills.
by Etymology Prof at Wesleyan October 03, 2010
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