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A person who does not have a clean room, but manages to do wonders with the space in her room that she has - specifically, the bed. Has been know to occupy multiple beds, sometimes in the same night. Is fairly sleep deprived, and tends to spend her time frolicking in the snow. With majors in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, she can turn any sexual fantasy into one involving these spectacular movies.
MC: "I was watching Harry Potter last night when Zerby walked in."
Joe: "What happened?"
MC: "She made my magic wand begin to cast spells."
by HarryPotterinbed February 24, 2010
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Zerby: When you give a male a blow job then pass the semen back and forth between your mouth and the guys, following you swallow the sperm
my friend is so sick last night he let a girl give him a zerby
by nasty69155 December 28, 2010
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