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Zennism (Not Buddhism or Taoism, just Zennism), because looking beyond Buddha and Lao Tzu, broadens the eyes, and expands the awareness of what Zen is. To be a Zennist, you must go beyond Lao Tzu and Buddha. Go beyond Buddhism and Taoism, beyond right and wrong, good and evil, death and life, everything .................. and nothing.

In Alan Watts's mature work, he presents himself as "Zennist" in spirit as he wrote in his last book, Tao: The Watercourse Way.

Zennism fits our modern culture & is more likely to be in line with our current thinking. Canadian Zennism is our new gig I think. As a 'descendent' of Alan Watts.

Osho said "Zen goes beyond Buddha and beyond Lao Tzu......... To call Zen “Zen Buddhism” is not right because it is far more."

Watts & the early teachers who brought zen to the America's. Threw out the gods & goddess from tbe past. They boiled it down to delete a lot o the un_needed ritual. Zen has been boiled down in each country as it arrived. It always expands again after that but on arrival it is simple & clean."
I practice the purest form of Zen, it is called Zennism
by Zen Grasshopper November 26, 2011
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