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A zeffer is a fanboy or fangirl of the small streamer named Captainzef. Just Like the term "Jake Pauler", Zef, is what he goes by, decided to name his group of viewers the zeffers. His viewerbase loved it so much they go by the zeffer gang now.
Dylan: Shoutouts to zef and his zeffers bro!
Rob: the fuck is a zeffer?
Dylan: Only the best fanbase around the internet! *dab*
by Zefman9000 January 17, 2018
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zeffers are crazy cleaver people who likes makes parties there style looks to the others ridiculous but whateverman...if the world ws totally zef there
werent any kind of war or other kind of shit . between 2 persons one on pink & yellow & the other on black sowhat
zeffer is a zeffer anyway \kind any road finally we're all gonna in a fokken hole under earth ...the end.
stop the rules express yourself speedly life is so short that the contradiction between a sad clown &
a dead in uniform so what??? zef to death ! tekcare bout urself & be happy
stop categorize the strangers in ur eyes we got all one asshole pretty or not activ or not
Zeffers & others people:
we all make the same shit & we don't care whatever what people says thats what i'm not!
by zefira April 28, 2013
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zeffers r the ultimate force on the internet who follow the ultimate captain, captainzef
1: bro what r u
2: zeffers unite
1: haha yeah bro vore brap zeffers!
by zeffer ultimate January 08, 2018
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see zepher

1. When one who does not smoke chews or gnaws on an unlit cigar or cigarette to mock people that do smoke.

2. When a former smoker zeffers a cigarette or cigar.
Hondo: Hey let me bum a cig man.

Spencer: You don't even smoke dude.

Hondo: I wanna Zeffer it.
by Hoss March 29, 2005
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(Noun Adjective) (Noun)

A term used commonly among Joburg South African residents in the west. Reffering to the poorer white community in Krugersdorp - the zeff community.
Zeffer refers to the folk who live in the squatter camps and do drugs.

A zeffer is a "hillbilly dutchman".

Short for, Suid afrikaans - mense- kaffer.
(NOT A POLITE TERM - using profanity).

This term is often found in songs by popular singers Die Antwoord.
Check that zeffer bruh
They come from the zeff side.

Go do some coke with the zeffers.
by classy07 February 28, 2019
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