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A vanity tag affected by Muslims wanting to make a public display of piety. Achieved by hitting the mat with the forehead during prayer or by other means such as hot irons or acid.
Habib must be very pious because he has a large zebiba on his forehead. Or he may be running for office.
by Rexeyboy April 29, 2012
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Zebiba means...annoying. It's a name supposedly meaning Lightning to some and Raisin to others. A Zebiba can be annoying and slow minded, but also likes to follow directions. She hates people who yell, but more the yelling than the person. She talks a lot, but can usually keep secrets. She recieves many praises from home but not that many from siblings. She doesn't win many competitions, but is renowned as a smart kid in class.
Girl at school: Ugh. That Zebiba is so stupid!
Sister: Get the hell out of my life, Zebiba!/ Thank you Zebiba!
Mom: Can't you be like Zebiba?
Dad: Zebiba is so good. She is patient...(yada yada)....
by idku97 March 06, 2010
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Mythical virgins promised by cynical political operatives to gullible, sex starved young Muslim men as a reward for committing atrocities. Might also mean raisins; tough shit assassins .
If you murder people at a bus stop, you will get 72 zebibas who will give you all the sex you want.
by Raisin lover April 30, 2012
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