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Zayaan is a ledgend who is smart, pure and very innocent. Zayaan can have is very smart moments and also his very dumb moments. Zayaan is very funny and has a lot of friends, he puts his trust in everyone and cares a lot about them no matter what. Zayaan will make your day and never make you feel sad. Zayaan is the life of the party and also quite a big joke star. Zayaan is very crazy and make the wierdest jokes and comments but everyone will still laugh cause its Zayaan. Zayaan is like a radio he will talk and talk for what feels like for ever but sometimes it will get annoying but you just have to sit and listen like he does for you. If you ever find a Zayaan make sure to be his friend your friendship will go a long way.
Zayaan is my best friend
by HRHZAS September 13, 2018
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Zayaan is a very cool guy. He comes in short and y’all sizes. Normally very sporty and funny. Normally they are very caring but pissed off easily. They also tend to be very cute. Zayaan is also a very good leader and makes the best jokes that make people laugh. Sometimes they tend to be annoying but otherwise they cool. They also suck at getting girls and have A BIG ASS DICK
girl: OMG who dat?
Friend: oh that’s a Zayaan
by GayvibeZ May 17, 2020
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A very overweight American who hates Minecraft
Ur a Zayaan lol
No, I just beat the other guys in Java
by Kelly Sanders January 19, 2021
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