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Adjective or noun(1) used in referring to that which is Zandile (2) or in close relation to that which is Zandile. Similar to delicious: meaning sweet a.k.a . "Chocolate Sensation".
Damn, that girl's booty is Zandilicious!
by Zandile January 21, 2009
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the combination of Zany and Delicious. If someone if described as zandilicious, they are usually small and cute and look edible. Also they are zany and crazy. They are not concerned with how people perceive their actions, but they do as they please and people accept that! They can sometimes be a diva, but thats only when their sweet little girl persona does not help in getting their way. That is not always necessary because people are nice to zandilicious people because they admire their innocence and their hearts are melted by the cute face of the said zandilicious person.
I took her to a movie and bought her everything on the menu because she was hungry and she looked so zandilicious.

When i see her i feel like pinching and biting her face because she is too zandilicious.
by Cuddlycute November 22, 2010
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