To take a pill of xanax and then sip sizzurp. This idiotic and perhaps lethal duo of drugs was popularized by poet laureate Soulja Boy Tell 'Em in the aptly-named song "Zan With That Lean."


I got that zan with that lean, smoked up by Irene.
Excuse me, barkeep, do you have any zan to go with this lean?

Ryan: The club is crunk, why is Mark fucking passed out?
Steve: He's on that zan with that lean.

Phillip: Why did he die from?
Uncle Tim: It was a sad case of some zan with that lean.
by Fresh Boy, Ya Smell Me? April 22, 2011
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Known as Soulja Boy's new mixtape, "JUICE". Zan with that lean means ,Taking Xanax while drinking Promethazine and Codeine mixed with a drink such as sprite, or Hawaiian punch
Guy:Let's Zan with that lean and go hella stupid at this party.
Friend: Than we can Grab these females and have fun.
by Aniime SODMG April 26, 2011
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