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The most amazing girl I know. She is gorgeous and funny. She always has a good time even if what you are doing isn't that much fun. Zakira has an amazing personality. She is really easy to talk to about anything but she will never talk about her problems; she always keep it all by herself! She is so strong like i wish i was her. To her, others' feelings are way important than her own feelings. Thats why nobody knows she is suffering and breaking. And she dont like if someone knows that she is actually weak and sad. She has a great ability to face hardships and will smile even when her heart is breaking. She is selfless and makes great sacrifices for someone she loves. Zakira is a universal character who can be the most humble and approachable person you'd ever have a chance to meet. She is seriously beautiful inside and out and glows in confidence, although in her head are mess.
Be happy as Zakira
by xoxoily December 28, 2016
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Kind, sweet, beautiful person(inside and out). Also fun and out going!
Oh man, here comes Zakira we are in for a fun night.
by bgirl8003 December 21, 2016
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Za'Kira Is The Lowest Person You Could Meet , She Says Out Of Everybody's Way... She is Pretty , Funny , Etc.
You Barely See Her , She Must Be A Za'Kira
by Kristinal February 02, 2017
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