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Sweet loving girl will kick yo ass if u piss her of good cousin good fighter
Don't mess with that how Zahariah
by PJPOOL72 July 11, 2018
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She is the most beautiful, loving, stunning, and chill girl you would ever meet. She is caring and help everybody in need. She is beautiful inside and out. But sometimes she can lie and deceive people also manipulate them. Either than that she is the best person you would meet.
"That muslim girl zahariah is really sexy"
" Hey, have you seen that new girl zahariah she's cute"
by Godofachievingthings March 29, 2017
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Zahariah can fight she might look scary ( only because she can fight ) but doesn’t mean she is a sweet person she is a loyalty and honest person she can sometimes be mean and she is a beautiful person. She will always stick by ur side and will always. She is a loveable person she will always be next to u if anything happens.
Julie: is that zahariah? She is really pretty

Lola:she is but I heard she can beat someone up
by Omqhaha May 21, 2018
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