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1: A person, preferably male, who continuously tells excessively detailed stories that give far to much information. The story is usually completely irrelevant and could easily be summed up shortly. The story teller usually goes off on random tangents during the story, bringing the listener(s)to a point of wanting to kill themselves.
2: A person who continuously shuts down other's ideas, no matter how good the idea is. After shutting down the idea, the person will bring up a sup-par idea themself, and expect others to go along with it.
3: Someone who is extremely stubborn, and will argue at length over an issue that is completely immaterial. Even if they are losing in the arugment they will continue arguing simply because they refuse to admit they were wrong.

Joe says: "So i was out yesterday at about 9, mab 9:05 p.m. and i was walking pretty fast, but it wasn't that fast. i've walked faster before, much faster infact. it was pretty hot, but still enjoyable...."
Bill says: uggggh ur being such a Zachlockhart....
by dan n mike October 29, 2006
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