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A Zacalinh is one of the craziest most fun people to be around. They are usually one of a kind. Sunshine beams around wherever she goes. There is no exception but to fall in love with her incredible personality. Zacalinh is not like any other person you will ever meet. Her dirty jokes and loving personality make her impossible to resist. She makes a new friend almost every day and cares for them with all her heart. She won't fail to surprise you and that is a fact. Zacalinh's are extremely rare and unique, one smile from her will make your whole day. On the outside, you may not be sure of what she holds, but once you get to know her, your whole world will change. She can light up any darkness and make the bright even brighter. The more time you spend with her, the more layers you reveal and you will never regret meeting her. Everything she says does, or creates, her personality will shine through. She is probably as real as real can get. You always feel close to Zacalinh even if you just met her. If you are somehow lucky enough to meet a Zacalinh, don't take her for granted. She is insanely wonderful and hilarious.

I love ya ZK.

( here is a quote from a Zacalinh )

' So then I CHOKED on an imaginary AIR DICK and all the pixie stick dust WENT UP MY NOSE....and now I'm high :)'
Guy 1: " I met Zacalinh yesterday she is so funny, I wish I could relive that all over again"
Guy 2: " Really? You are so lucky, I have to meet her, I hear about her all the time"
by AllistarVRose February 12, 2018
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