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A girl that is talented and most of the time shy. A girl who is a great friend to have. This is a rare type of girl, for she can be trusted.
I wonder who that Zaara girl is, she seems awesome!!!
by SMOLTCNBD March 14, 2015
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A crazy girl with a loud scream. the one with the straightest hair and a confidence level of 10000. Zaaras tend to want to get married as soon as possible. However they are fun to be around.
Shut up Zaara!
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by Linda the cleaning lady May 16, 2019
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Commonly related to one of the most beautiful. Simple but stunningly will leave you mind blown almost everytime. Loving and caring to the point where the bond between a Zaara and the person becomes unbreakable. Honest, dependable, loyal, amazing friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter. Can be very emotional from time to time but also means for everything in the best way.

Also commonly compared to as a flower in the most intricate but simple beauty.
I want my best friend to be a zaara
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by sweetchick101 August 24, 2016
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sheis the beast person youll ever meet and she might brag about her talents but she always feels bad about. ZAARA is a godd person but sometimes annoying and very into hugs. But she will always be there for me.
ZAARA is my best friend
by 11evie11 May 24, 2019
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Zaara is an awsome bestfriend or girlfriend. She's loyal but she ain't afraid to beat someone up. She's also very pretty and fit and has some older guys after her. She likes to keep calm and love herself because she knows no one else will. She's your typical girl that gets in trouble for doing absolutely nothing. She has a bestfriend that she would die for. Her bestfriend's name probably beings with A or L.
Person 1: Zaara's soo fit. I heard she beat up haris.
Person 2: Yeah she also beat hafsah.
by Zaara Malik May 10, 2018
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shes an idiot but shes caring and nice

she gets offended easily
she cant wait to get married!!
she only has 3 bffs
zaara looking gorgeosssssssssssssssss
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by sleepysusan July 17, 2019
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