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To have extraordinary power. A deity or demi-god with the treacherous might of the sea and the acute smell of a barn house rat. Zepy is the end of all time. However, you may expect Zepy to be wearing a party hat whilst casually dispersing chaos. We are one, yet we are many but we are not better than the one they call Zepy in Brizzy
Person 1: "Hey man, quit burning me with your flames."
Person 2: "I'm just out to have a good time."
Person 1: "You're such a Zepy!"

Person 1: "Hey i totally pwnd you're head noob"
Person 2: "I shall use my ZEPY! powers to BRING FIRE AND BRIMSTONE upon the heads of those who oppose my glorious rule."
Person 1: "OK! Just don't burn me you crazy mofo! You smell like sulphur as well..."
by ZEPY! October 28, 2007
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