When one mixes MDMA (ONLY MDMA and not a BS "Ecstacy" tablet) with a 10mg Ambien (Zolpidem Tartrate). Ambien is a sleep aid that puts the user in a wonderfully calm, pseudo-hallucinagenic stupor. When mixed, the user experiences LSD-comparable hallucinations that can scare the crap out of the potentially unexpecting raver trying to get to sleep after a night of rolling!
*Warning* This is pretty much giving your brain a seizure (like the one's your body can get...but in your brain) so its not good for you. At the same time, I have many friends who have done this and experienced no negative side effects (other than a MDMA hangover) and reported they slept quite soundly. In no way do I endorse this; this post is just for information purposes only.
"Yo I want to roll tonight but I wanna just chill here, maybe drop the MDMA around 9 and at 12, as it is begining to calm down we drop the Ambien at 12 and just trip and blaze until we fall into a deep, perfect sleep and wake up refreshed. Lets Z-flip!"
by Woofdawg October 27, 2008
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