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A Yusriyah is a special girl.

She has her ups and downs, and sometimes makes messes of things.

She loves everyone around her, but don't try to fight with a Yusriyah, because you have NO chance to win! f your lover is a Yusriyah, you must be very lucky!! Yusriyahs are not hard to get, but for a Yusriyah it's important what other people think of her, even if she acts like she don't cares. So if her best friend don't likes you, you must be very hot to convence her! ;)
A Yusriyah is smart, hot and sexy, nice to the people who are nice to her and very pretty.

A Yusriyah many times has not very long, black/dark brown hair. Her eyes are also dark brown. She is skinny even if she don't believes it.
If you want a Yusriyah to fall for you, you must always tell her the truth, forgive her faults and tell her she is beautiful the way she is. If you do this kind of things, Yusriyah will be very happy and love you back even more. A Yusriyah likes romantic things, but a little adventure always brightens up her day.
No one knows her true secrets, because she doesn't really knows who to trust.
If a Yusriyah is your friend, you are a very lucky person!!!!! You can trust her, and she's not afraid of doing stupid/wild things. When you meet a Yusriyah, you'll have the time of your life!
Person 2 : - "Let me guess, you brought a Yusriyah with you...!"
by Indianpoop123 May 16, 2013
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